We Need a Leader

Our Manifesto

The challenges and problems that confront our Nation are unique and unequaled in the history of our People.

The PANDEMIC, brought by COVID, devastated our country, our People’s health, and wreaked havoc upon our economy.

Consequently, businesses have shutdown, our kababayan OFWs were left with no other choice but to fly back home, and millions are without jobs.

Farmers, including those into pork and poultry, and our fishermen, have been left poor, broke, and in debt because the price of their harvests have drastically fallen, leaving them in ruins, due to the continued and unabated importation of foreign goods. Our agriculture, as we speak, is now on its knees, begging for help, praying for mercy and survival.

Closed businesses, unparalleled levels of unemployment, means of livelihood are now dead, people are hungry, and – to make matters worse – the future of our youth is presently in jeopardy given that their education has likewise been disrupted.

And there’s the West Philippine Sea, rightly ours, but violated and intruded upon by foreign forces. Every day, the tension between the United States of America and China is rising. What if, suddenly, the escalation ignites into a shooting war?

During these difficult times, we must choose well who shall lead our Nation, as President, given that the 2022 elections is just on the horizon.

WE NEED A LEADER, a real leader, and NOT A PRETENDER

Let us consider our options and use the next elections, as our country’s weighing scale for choosing the next leadership.

FIRST, does the candidate have BRAINS?

The next President must be mentally strong and stable, have a good grasp of the situation, and be capable of understanding the problems that beset the Philippines so that he can consider the action options and choose the right solutions that will best serve the interest of the Nation.

SECOND, does he have HEART and COMPASSION for his fellow Filipinos?

The next President must be sensitive to the harsh realities that many Filipinos find themselves in. Empathy is necessary because a President that is numb to the sufferings of his countrymen cannot govern effectively and responsively.

THIRD, does he have BALLS?

The next President must have courage and strength of will to face the difficult problems of the country and to institute necessary reforms that will redound to the benefit of the Nation regardless of the inconvenience and discomfort that will be felt by deeply entrenched vested interests.

FOURTH, does he have fidelity to the people and FORTITUDE to carry on the fight?

The next President must remember that he was elected to serve the People. His words and policy consistency matter. Given the urgency of now, he cannot dilly-dally, hesitate midway, and – after moving forward – suddenly retract, retreat, and drastically reverse course to the detriment of the Nation’s interests.

This is my President: he has brains, heart and compassion, balls, fidelity and fortitude.

In short, he has the CAPABILITY TO LEAD.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread awareness about the serious national problems we face, the importance of getting involved, helping voters identify the right leader, registering as a voter, and casting our ballots for the May 2022 elections.




Volunteer with us and make a difference in the decision making of our countrymen this 2022 Presidential Elections.

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